Nexaira Wireless Launches 3G/4G High Availability Router

The new Business Class II High Availability Router from Nexaira includes security and network protocols.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 28, 2010
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The new router is designed for business customers who want to leverage high availability aspects of cellular networks. According to the company's release, published on Wireless Business & Technology, the Business Class II High Availability Router (BC-II) will allow any size of business to integrate cellular network access into a wireline infrastructure.

"Nexaira's BC-II extends enterprise or corporate networks over cellular broadband as well as supports traditional DSL, cable, T1 or Ethernet, providing automatic failover with anti-flap and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocols (VRRP) to ensure network stability. The BCII provides business class security supporting Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) termination allowing up to five simultaneous encrypted sessions.

"The addition of faster 3G/4G networks and NexWare business class protocols enables customers with remote locations to use cellular data networks as their primary network connection, saving both time and money. The BC-II connects seamlessly with HSPA, HSPA + networks for AT&T, Bell and Rogers, and EVDO revA networks for Sprint and Verizon."

Read the Full News Release at Wireless Business & Technology

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