iPad: The Business Connection

The iPad is a consumer device but its presence, like the iPhone, will need to be addressed on business networks.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 1, 2010
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The iPhone may not be as business-ready as the BlackBerry or Windows Mobile smartphones but its popularity as a consumer device has IT departments at businesses of all sizes addressing integration challenges. According to PC World, the iPad, which is more like a giant iPod Touch can leverage the same tools for business integration.

"For road warriors and workers on the go, a VPN is a requirement for secure access to the data and resources on the business network. Particularly when using public Wi-Fi networks which generally don't provide any security, the encrypted tunnel of a VPN is necessary for ensuring the data can not be intercepted or eavesdropped.

"The iPhone and iPad have native support for Cisco IPSec, L2TP over IPSec, and PPTP. These three VPN protocols are compatible with the vast majority of VPN solutions and allow the iPhone or iPad to connect with the business network without any additional network configuration or third-party applications."

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