Load Balancing in the Cloud

Using virtualization and cloud computing to shift workloads from data center to data center.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 10, 2010
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In developing a global data center, one goal of virtualization and cloud computing has been regional and global load balancing.This IT Business Edge report discusses the benefits to shifting workloads not only from server to server but from data center to data center and looks at recent key developments that may lead to a true global data center.

"Microsoft users should note that NetEx has added Hyper-V support to its HyperIP continuity and recovery optimization software, providing long-distance data transfers at speeds up to 800 Mbps. While the package is intended for backup and recovery operations, there's no reason why you couldn't match it to the Live Migration capabilities of Hyper-V to set up a long-haul data center network capable of shifting virtual machines and data loads to a broader set of resources.

"Shuttling data halfway around the world might seem like a function reserved for the largest of organizations. But as cloud computing works its way into everyday IT affairs, even smaller operators will see greater flexibility, and less cost, through the ability to shop around for the best deal."

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