Napatech adds Mobile Data Network Monitoring

Napatech's new real-time network analysis adapters will be shown at the Mobile World Congress.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 16, 2010
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Napatech has added detailed monitoring and troubleshooting of IP-based mobile data networks to its real-time network analysis adapters. According to the news story on, the adapters also include include full and comprehensive support for IPv6.

"Napatech has also included support for automatic recognition of key tunneling protocols used in mobile data networks, such as SCTP, GRE and GTP. This allows intelligent flow definition based on which tunneling protocol is being used. It also allows these flows to be intelligently distributed to multiple CPUs allowing parallel processing of mobile data.

"These features enable real-time network and application performance monitoring of mobile user data as well as analysis of control data. With 10 Gbps capture-to-disk, it is also possible to capture mobile data traffic for later forensic analysis and troubleshooting."

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