Doing More with a Hybrid Approach

2010 may prove to be a period of recovery, but organizations of all size still work with a decreased budget and reduced IT staff.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 19, 2010
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From a networking perspective, the challenges faced in 2009 include slashed IT budgets and heavy scrutiny around expenditures and ROI. This CTO Edge special report also says that businesses of all sizes will need to effectively re-engineering core business processes.

"When it comes to network services, one solution does not fit all. Each site runs various applications and has widely varying bandwidth requirements, and outages in remote areas may not be detected or isolated in a timely manner. And while businesses may realize improved total cost of ownership by entering into short-term, multi-carrier agreements, the long-term consequence can be a complex web of network providers with little interoperability and high levels of vendor relationship maintenance."

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