Force 10 Pitches its Switches to HP Resellers

Force 10 tells resellers to forget Forget Cisco switches.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 25, 2010
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As Cisco prepares to end its system integrator contract with HP in April, Force10 Networks has injected itself into the fold with a new promotion that invites HP resellers to push Force10 switches instead of competing Cisco and HP ProCurve gear. As noted in this Information Week Blog, this kind of announcement speaks to the disruptive effect the Cisco-HP breakup is having on the Ethernet switch market.

"No one is quite sure how, or how quickly, things will settle after April 30, which is the date upon which Cisco is terminating its system integrator contract with HP. After that, Hewlett-Packard will no longer be a Cisco Certified Channel or Global Service Alliance partner.

"There's also been reporting, in sister publication Network Computing that Cisco's relationship with Dell has soured, as regards a planned blade switch Cisco decided not to make available for a Dell chassis."

Read the Full Story at Information Week Blog

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