IBM Helps Improve Network Environments for Virtualization

IBM has refined its strategy for virtualization and says it plans to help clients improve control of their network environments.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 2, 2010
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Looking to boost its strategy for virtualization, IBM announced a plan at the Pulse 2010 conference that it says will help clients improve control of their network environments, focuses on consolidation, management, automation and optimized delivery. As reported on IT Channel Planet, IBM believes that central to managing an expected wave of digital data and connected devices in the next few years is uniting virtualization with integrated service management software to provide visibility, control and automation of the data center, IT design and delivery, and physical assets.

"The increasing complexity of the data center is prompting a higher need to 'establish good practices of integrated service management,' which results in improved service, lower costs and better risk management, said Helene Armitage, general manager, IBM System Software.

"IBM said that the backdrop to its thinking is the evolving sophistication of the data center. The volume of digital data continues to expand, with estimates of a tenfold increase in the five-year period through 2011 and more than one trillion Internet-connected devices.

"In addition, the data center’s boundaries are expanding past IT assets to include physical assets containing intelligent technology such as building facilities, water mains and office equipment."

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