Qwest, IBM Offer Enterprise Network Security to SMBs

Qwest and IBM will extend two new managed security offerings to the SMB segment.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 1, 2010
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Believing that SMBs deserve enterprise-class network security, Qwest and IBM are targeting SMB network security with two managed security offerings. According to this report on Fierce Telecom, the offerings include Qwest iQ Managed Security (MSS) and Qwest iQ Network Management Service (NMS), which take elements of IBM's already deployed solutions.

"'We saw an evolving need from our customer base for security services,' said Bob Schroeder, director of product management for Qwest in a LightReading article. 'We are focused on a market that we think has largely been ignored but has the same need for managed infrastructure of their routers, hubs, switches, and IT equipment as larger companies.'"

Read the Full Story at Fierce Telecom

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