Intelsat Launches New Network With Cisco IP NGN

IntelsatONE offers IPv6 services, DVB-S2 trunking and MPLS VPN.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 13, 2010
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According to Cisco, its new IntelsatONE global platform is powered by Cisco and will offers a broad choice of access. The company's news release on MarketWire, also states that for network services and government customers, IntelsatONE will provide enhanced products, such as IPv6 next-generation IP services, DVB-S2 trunking and MPLS VPN.

"Cisco announced today that Intelsat S.A., the leading provider of fixed satellite services worldwide, has launched IntelsatONE, a first-of-its-kind global platform consisting of an IP/MPLS-based network, fiber, teleports and points of presence -- fully integrated with Intelsat's global satellite fleet to better serve its media, network services and government customers."

Read the News Release at MarketWire

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