HP Announces 3Com-based Networking Portfolio

HP has announced a new networking portfolio based on technology built by 3Com.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 20, 2010
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HP has unveiled a new 'edge-to-core networking portfolio' based on technology built by 3Com. Network World reports that the HP Networking portfolio allows clients to eliminate redundant equipment by integrating wired and wireless environments with security from the edge to core.

"HP Networking products are part of the company's servers, storage and networking division, and are also an important piece of HP's Converged Infrastructure strategy to create virtual pools of computing resources that will replace inefficient silos of servers, storage and networking.

"The vision takes aim at rival Cisco's Unified Computing System, which combines servers, storage, networking and virtualization technology into a single box.

"HP is promising an open architecture that allows interoperability with multiple vendors and conformance to industry standards."

Read the Full Story at Network World

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