Verizon Offers Managed WAN Networking Services

The company has teamed with Riverbed Technology to offer WAN networking capabilities as a managed service.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 28, 2010
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Verizon Business says it is offering Riverbed Technology wide-area networking capabilities as a managed service. As mentioned in this Light Reading article, the partnership allows Verizon to hone its ongoing efforts to make application performance as deliverable -- and proven -- to its business customers as transport services.

"Verizon Business is beefing up its Managed WAN Optimization Services by offering Riverbed Technology Inc. wide-area networking capabilities as a managed service and providing professional consulting services around its managed WAN optimization services as well.

"Verizon announced the Riverbed deal today, saying it's adding Riverbed both for its industry leadership in WAN optimization and because Riverbed adds capabilities that Verizon didn't offer, says Steve Capozzi, senior product marketing manager for Verizon Business."

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