Oracle To Acquire Secerno and its DataWall Firewall

The Secerno DataWall firewall appliance protects Oracle and other database systems.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 24, 2010
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Oracle has announced plans to acquire Secerno, a supplier of firewalls that work to protect both Oracle and heterogeneous database systems. As mentioned in this InformationWeek article, DataWall can be configured to block activity based on user profile, domain name, application, or program type originating a command. It blocks in real time ineligible or illegitimate activity.

"Oracle already offers a set of products that protect internal operations of its systems. Secerno offers an additional external layer of protection, said Andrew Mendelsohn, senior VP of database server technologies. The Secerno DataWall firewall appliance inspects commands and SQL queries to the database to make sure they don't contain bogus commands or represent an imposter making inappropriate demands."

Read the Full Story at InformationWeek

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