Infoblox Unveils Dedicated IF-MAP Server Appliance

The Infoblox OS1 Orchestration Server automatically aggregates, correlates and distributes data to and from different IP connected systems.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 25, 2010
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Infoblox has announced its OS1 Orchestration Server appliance that, according to the company, will automatically aggregate, correlate and distributes data to and from different IP connected systems, in real time.

"IF-MAP clients, which can range from security sensors like intrusion detection systems to policy engines, authentication servers, security management systems, asset management systems, network location systems and many more, can publish metadata to the MAP server, search for data and via subscriptions, receive automatic, immediate updates when data of interest changes, such as when an employee or contractor is terminated or their privileges change.

"The IF-MAP service is extremely flexible and can aggregate both standardized and user-defined data, including user role and capabilities, device characteristics and availability, authentication and authorization status, physical location, conformance with policy, recent behavior, configuration and more. A number of vendors, including Juniper Networks, currently support the IF-MAP standard and are deploying powerful, multi-vendor network access control solutions."

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