BoxTone Offers Enterprise Mobile Management

The company has announced new mobile management software devices and mobile networks within an enterprise.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 27, 2010
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BoxTone, a mobile management software vendor, has announced Mobile Service Management (MSM), a new system that is designed to give IT a single management view of all the devices and mobile networks within an enterprise. As mentioned in this Computer World report, MSM will not only show an IT administrator what devices are deployed, it will also indicate whether devices are experiencing problems.

"The single view is designed to be proactive, meaning it will help show long-term patterns of device failures and determine whether software, hardware or the network is involved. The results can be quantified but also generalized with red, yellow and green icons (with red indicating a failure).

"For example, a carrier's level of wireless latency and throughput could be presented as a quantifiable figure, and that level could be rated as being in operational mode (green), warning mode (yellow) or failure mode (red)."

Read the Full Story at Computer World

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