APconnections Suggests Hidden WAN Optimization Expenses

New white paper looks at the hidden expenses associated with bandwidth control technologies.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jun 15, 2010
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APconnections has anew white paper that discusses some of the hidden expenses associated with bandwidth control and WAN optimization technologies. As reported on Financial Tech Spotlight, the white paper also delves into the initial prices of the technology and the recurring cost of maintaining a strict network control.

"Eli Riles, the director of technology at APconnections, looks at the easier method as a manifestation of the bigger trends in the network management. Riles stated that network managers in the 1990s dealt with higher bandwidth expenses. Those years were the peak for thorough and complicated reporting tools. As we approach the second decade of the 21st century, the 'simple is better' method is moving forward and APconnections is a main vendor in that philosophy."

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