Why Wireless Networks Need a Lock-Down

If you have a wireless router then problems such as War Driving and liability are worth securing against.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jun 15, 2010
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Christopher Burgess, Cisco's Senior security advisor offers up three good reasons as to why your wireless router needs to be configured to be secure. In this HuffingtonPost.com article, Burgess discusses security issues including War Driving, liability and mistaken identity.

"The recent revelation by Google of its inadvertent collection of publicly broadcasted SSID (the Wi-Fi network name) and MAC addresses (device identifier) while conducting their Street View data collection should serve as a reminder to tighten up our router security. Remember, anyone driving or sitting in proximity to your business, home or office may be within the exploitable footprint of Wi-Fi signal. Once within your router's footprint they too can collect your SSID and MAC addresses, and if your network is not secured, their odds of being able to collect the information traversing from one end of the connection to the next just increase exponentially."

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