HP Enhances Data Center Networking Fabric

New security enhancements to HP FlexFabric help prevent network breaches in physical and virtual environments.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jun 29, 2010
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HP has recently announced new security solutions that the company says are designed to prevent network breaches in a converged infrastructure by delivering comprehensive data protection across both physical and virtual environments. As mentioned in this Market Watch press release, the new offerings bring enhanced security to HP FlexFabric, the company's high-performance, flexible and secure data center networking fabric for a Converged Infrastructure.

"The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF) is a suite of products designed to help prevent network threats from impacting virtualized environments. The TippingPoint Virtual Controller (vController), the first product introduced under the SVF, extends TippingPoint security protection from physical to virtual networks by routing it through an HP TippingPoint N-Platform Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliance. The vController prevents security attacks by inspecting all VM traffic as it moves through the network -- either between VMs or from VMs to traditional servers."

Read the Full Press Release at Market Watch

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