IBM Acquires BigFix for Tivoli Network Security

The company has snapped up endpoint system manager BigFix.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jul 2, 2010
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IBM has acquired endpoint system manager, BigFix, in a move that will see IBM's Tivoli division gaining access to new network security and device management tools. As reported on Datamation, BigFix provides technology that enables enterprises to manage endpoint security and compliance, a business that IBM wants to expand.

"Zollar said that the BigFix software will help IBM Tivoli offer a more complete end-to-end security platform. He explained that the BigFix technology provides endpoint visibility and control -- relying specifically on an agent that sits on endpoints and flags assets when they're not in compliance with standards and policies set by IT.

"He also noted that IBM found BigFix's dashboard approach to managing endpoints to have real value.

"'It's a single dashboard that makes the administration of proper fixes across environments as large as 500,000 machines happen in minutes,' he said."

Read the Full Story at Datamation

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