Solutions for Managing Multiple Firewalls

This firewall management article reviews five different firewall operations management products.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jul 13, 2010
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Running multiple firewalls in an enterprise environment can make it difficult to catch configuration problems, conflicting rules, and to meet auditing and compliance mandates. This Computer World review takes a look at five firewall operations management products that can assist your organization with managing its firewalls.

"In this test, we look at five firewall operations management products: AlgoSec's Firewall Analyzer, RedSeal's Network Advisor and Vulnerability Advisor, Secure Passage's FireMon, Skybox's View Assure and View Secure and Tufin's SecureTrack.

"We found that these products perform similar core functions: they retrieve configuration files of firewalls (and other network devices), store the data and analyze it. They can look at change history, analyze existing rules, perform rules-based queries, re-order rules, and send out alerts, if policies are violated. They can also create automated compliance audit analysis and reports.In addition, they can do modeling and wargame analysis based on a snapshot-in-time version of the real network. Plus, Algosec, RedSeal and Skybox can provide network diagrams and topology views of the underlying networks."

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