Best Network Switches for Scaled-Up Architecture

Configuring switch architectures is no walk in the park.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jul 16, 2010
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According to IT Business Edge, configuring a network switch is no walk in the park and cloud enthusiasts are looking to scale resources to unimaginable levels. This report offers an overview of new switching options that can help make the underlying infrastructure bigger and faster.

"Oracle, for one, has impressed many switch aficionados with its latest entry into the high-density realm. The company has released the Sun Network 10 GbE Switch 72p, a top-of-the-rack device that provides, you read that right, 72 10 GbE ports in a 1U chassis. The system provides 40 GbE uplinks for aggregating such a high number of blades and rack-mounts, with the added benefit of tying it all together with a quarter of the cabling needed for multiple lower-port-count switches."

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