Xtera Launches new FlowOS IP Traffic Management

The new FlowOS 3.4 offers cost-effective WAN traffic management with complete control of IP traffic flows.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Aug 17, 2010
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Xtera Communications has announced the release of its latest version of FlowOS for the AscenFlow family of IP Traffic Management and Shaping appliances. As noted in this News Wire release, FlowOS 3.4 recognizes hundreds of Layer 4 to Layer 7 protocols and it also monitors and shapes traffic from numerous end-points, including IP or MAC addresses, authenticated users and URLs.

"Regular protocol signature updates do not affect network traffic and ensure continued monitoring and control of network traffic trends as applications, protocols and usage patterns evolve as a result of business decisions and external influences.

"Today's network traffic is rapidly changing as rich-media web sites for both business and personal entertainment, video, peer-to-peer and cloud-based services transform the way users interact with the network. IT management needs to understand network traffic trends and monitor or control the use of valuable network resource to optimize response while minimizing costs. FlowOS 3.4 with FlowReport 3.4 provides summary reporting and in-depth, real-time and historical reporting, with its simple but powerful database query tools and user-friendly web-GUI interfaces. FlowOS 3.4 allows complete control of traffic shaping to ensure that mission-critical applications get the bandwidth they need while recreational traffic is minimized or eliminated."

Read the Full News Release at News Wire

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