Misconfigured Networks Are Easy Targets

A survey of DEFCON conference attendees show that misconfigured networks are the easiest prey for most attackers.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Sep 2, 2010
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According to a recently released survey of DEFCON conference attendees, mis-configured networks are the "lowest-hanging fruit" for most attackers. As highlighted in this report on Dark Reading, the survey found that 73 percent of respondents come across a mis-configured network more than three quarters of the time – which is the easiest IT resource to exploit.

"In its annual 'Hacking Habits' survey, Tufin Technologies reports that attendees of DEFCON, often viewed as a 'hacker' conference, was indeed populated by individuals who described themselves as black hats (11 percent) or gray hats (46 percent).

"Although nearly two-thirds of the attendees are employed in corporate IT positions, less than 30 percent of the sample said they were motivated by the desire to actually fix broken systems. Sixty-eight percent admitted to hacking 'just for fun.'"

Read the Full Story at Dark Reading

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