Embvue Launches MILS Secure Ethernet Switch / Router

he company's new Isis line includes MILS end system Ethernet network stack, software-based secure switch and tool suite.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Sep 27, 2010
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In a press release by Embvue and presented on 24-7 Press Release, the company announced the launch of its latest product line, Isis. According to the details provided in the news release, Embvue provides certifiable embedded systems and professional services for mission-critical systems and the new Isis line deals with security at the per virtual level. Targeted to achieve Common Criteria EAL 5+, routers and switches no longer need to have ports allocated to a single security level, thus providing much greater expandability and secure network flexibility .

"Together, Isis provides all of the components required to create a secure MILS network, and the Isis tools provide the capability to greatly simplify and partially automate the otherwise difficult process of simulating, integrating, optimizing, deploying, and monitoring a secure network that comprises many different components. Additionally, the Isis tools provide the ability to interface to the software Partitioning Communication System (PCS) to allow operators with the appropriate security clearance to manage the security policies for the network as they change."

Read the Full Story at 24-7 Press Release

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