Linux Networking Guide

A guide to the most common Linux networking questions to help you understand how Linux handles the network.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Sep 27, 2010
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In an article on Tech Radar, the most common questions about Linux networking are answered in a simple guide. The Linux operating system is often considered a training ground for future system administrators and the perfect network troubleshooting platform. This guide will help users to better understand what troubles may occur with Linux, how to get the best performance, how Linux handles the network, and how to create the most stable network.

"Ten years ago, most of us thought we would be able to live a full and happy life without worrying about whether we were getting maximum throughput across our networks, or whether the point-to-point latency on our machines would preclude us from popular gaming. But things have changed. Televisions, games consoles and Linux machines all vie for IP addresses and bandwidth, usually on the same network, with poor wiring, poor layout and do-it-yourself support. Which is where we come in. You won't find settings hidden, parameters unprobed, or hardware unhinged under the surface, which is why Linux makes both a fantastic training ground for future system administrators, and a powerful ally in the hunt to track down intermittent problems and poor performance."

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