BlueCat Announces IPv6 Address Management Platform

BlueCat IPAM technology offers end-to-end IPv6 planning and management.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Oct 18, 2010
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Proteus IPAM v3.5, the most complete end-to-end IP Address Management (IPAM) solution for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks was launched by BlueCat Networks. As reported on Kansas City, this platform includes IPv6 modeling, IPv6 discovery and reconciliation, complete ‘dual stack’ IPv4/IPv6 management, data transformation and other operational efficiency and management features to significantly simplify IPv6 integration.

"'IPv6 is inevitable,' said Luc Roy, VP of Product Management and Marketing, BlueCat Networks. 'Available IPv4 addresses from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA – will be exhausted by summer 2011, and as the number of IPv6-only clients grows and many new Internet-facing services begin to only support IPv6, deploying IPv6 will mean the difference between being seen or being absent on the Internet,' Roy continued. 'So, the real question is not ‘if’ organizations should integrate IPv6, but ‘how’ it can best be planned, implemented and managed – we developed Proteus IPAM version 3.5 to provide a ‘path of least resistance’ to IPv6 by simplifying, expediting and eliminating the integration and management tasks that every IT department dreads.'"

Read the Full Story at Kansas City

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