RadiSys Announces LTE Security Gateway

The new security gateway is targeted for Long Term Evolution “LTE” deployments.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Oct 18, 2010
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As reported on TMC Net, RadiSys Corporation has announced the RadiSys LTE SEG, a security gateway targeted for Long Term Evolution LTE deployments. In response to the expansion of the Internet and the need for wireless networks, RadiSys is offering an innovative solution designed specifically for the multi-billion dollar market of enterprise security. Telecom equipment manufactures are facing new security challenges associated with the migration to LTE and the RadiSys LTE SEG is the first based on the 3GPP network domain security standards which requires very high performance IP security tunneling and firewalls.

"According to Bob Heymann, product line marketing manager for security gateway at RadiSys, mobile networks today are more secure because they are based on closed-networking environments, whereas LTE is an open, all-IP network, making it less secure. Therefore, there is an increased need for security moving from 2G and 3G to LTE, which is what fueled RadiSys to create the LTE SEG. In addition, the LTE SEG enables operators to enhance their existing 2G/3G mobile networks with secure wireless access solutions - including femtocells, I-WLAN and UMA/GAN, which use the public Internet to securely backhaul voice, data and video traffic. "

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