Arbor Enhances DDOS Protection

The vendor has updated its core security product for carriers, data center and the cloud.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Oct 20, 2010
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As the complexity and scale of IP attacks increases, Arbor Networks delivers new capabilities for its Peakflow IP network security platform. As reported on Connected Planet, Arbor tracked more than 350,000 significant IP-based attacks in 2009, or more than one every 90 seconds. The new security platform, Arbor Peakflow 5.5 is designed to help its large carrier customers fend off additional threats while addressing new markets.

"The new Peakflow release is driven by two key themes: one, making the platform’s IP security capabilities available to a broader range of users, and two, stopping more attacks while providing greater visibility into those attacks, Shah said. Up to now, Shah said, 'the primary users of PeakFlow have been ISP operators. They are generally pretty savvy and want a tool where they can get all the bells and whistles to detect and analyze attacks.' But Arbor is also pitching PeakFlow to a broader range of users, including hosting providers that are technically sophisticated – but in different ways – and typically are just 'looking for tools to drop in a network and put in front of services to quickly detect and stop attacks. They have different expectations and needs.'"

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