WAN Optimization Squeezes Data Through Restricted Bandwidths

Pricey bandwidth drives the need for WAN optimization.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 9, 2010
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In an article on Microscope, the growing need for wide area network optimization is reviewed. In order for optimization to be successful, integration partners are required to squeeze growing amounts of data through bandwidth-restricted links. Compared to pushing a bowling ball through a drinking straw, WAN optimization can be very beneficial to businesses with branch offices and employees working remotely.

"WAN optimisation technology is a useful way to address problems with existing applications, say experts. 'It is a useful way to defer the cost of bandwidth upgrades,' says Mark Lewis, senior director for marketing and alliances in EMEA at WAN optimisation firm Riverbed. With companies hurting after the financial crisis, many will be focusing on band-aid solutions to network bandwidth issues, rather than significant service upgrades - yet at the same time, they will be preparing to scale up branch offices as economic recovery brings the opportunity for growth. The capital expenditure on WAN optimisation appliances may be a small price to pay for the operational overhead associated with increased bandwidth contracts.The cost of bandwidth may be falling, but the pressure on networks continues to increase."

Read the Full Story at Microscope

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