Cisco SA 520 Good for Small Business

Firewall provides a lot of options for small businesses.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 12, 2010
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As reported on IT Business, the Cisco SA 520 provides numerous options as a small-business security appliance. It includes everything from basic firewalling tasks through SSL VPN features, including SSL VPN portal pages. In addition, it will integrate with Active Directory or standard LDAP authentication services to allow users to to log into the VPN with their domain credentials. On the downside of this appliance, it comes with only two SSL VPN licenses, expandable to 25 by purchasing more yet allows for 50 IPSec tunnels out of the box.

"The Cisco SA 520 is physically similar to the old Cisco PIX 501, and it offers similar basic functionality. However, that's where the similarities stop: Whereas the PIX 501 ran PIXOS, the SA 520 runs a Linux-based operating system. Where the PIX 501 was as easy to manage as its bigger brothers, the SA 520 runs a completely different OS, has no console port, and no CLI. It's administered via a somewhat cranky Web-based UI."

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