Brocade Switches Reduce Network Complexity and Cost

Brocade's Ethernet-based switches allows network sharing.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 19, 2010
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As reported on Computer World, Brocade Communication Systems announced the release of a new line of Ethernet-based switches that will allow standard server traffic to share networks with data storage traffic. This will enable administrators a method of reducing network complexity and cost. Including an ASIC loaded with Brocade's Virtual Cluster Switching firmware, Brocade's new VDX family of switches allow up to 10 switches to be clustered together and managed under a single interface.

"'Today's applications involve more clusters, Web 2.0 technology, interserver communication as peers. That's really creating need for a new network where older technologies like Spanning Tree don't fit,' said Doug Ingraham, Brocade's vice president of data center products. 'This allows you to scale in a virtualized [server] environment without adding network complexity.'"

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