Perle Systems Launches Dual Ethernet Terminal Servers

Perle Systems ideal for remote serial device communication.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 22, 2010
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As reported on PR USA Net, Perle Systems announced the expansion of its IOLAN SDS family with the release of IOLAN SDSC Dual Ethernet Terminal Servers. These terminal servers offer the most extensive range of encryption and authentication technologies available today, and are powered by a high-performance 750-MIP processor. Users have the ability to control, monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot equipment over a network or the Internet.

"'The IOLAN SDSC Dual Ethernet Terminal Servers are ideal for remote management of a variety of serial based equipment,' says John Feeney, Chief Operating Officer at Perle Systems. He adds, 'To ensure maximum uptime companies require products with high reliability. Perle’s built in redundancy features such as dual Gigabit Ethernet and Redundant Path Technology, provide the ideal solution. And, advanced security features such as SSH/SSL provide piece of mind that critical information is safe.'”

Read the Full Story at PR USA Net

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