Award Winning Networking Tool Releases Beta

FreeNAS developers announce the release of FreeNAS 8.0 Beta.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 23, 2010
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 InfoWorld's 2010 Best Open Source Software winner for best networking tools, FreeNAS, has announced the release of FreeNAS 8.0 Beta. As reported on H Online, this is a FreeBSD-based Network-attached storage (NAS) UNIX like server operating system that features version 14 of the ZFS (Zettabyet File System) and includes a redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) built using Python and the Django web framework that's aimed at making the OS easier to use. Developers also claim the new system is much more modular than previous versions and, in addition to using Django, they are also using the Dojo Toolkit to implement AJAX features.

"According to iXsystems FreeBSD Development Director Warner Losh, 'the new FreeNAS makes it easier to upgrade, back up, or restore, with the system taking care of all the details,' adding that, 'FreeNAS makes running a NAS box simple and easy'. FreeNAS includes a full Web configuration graphical user interface (GUI) and supports, for example, the FTP, NFS, CIFS (Samba), AFP, rsync and iSCSI protocols and software RAID (0,1,5)."

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