Evolution of Network Security Software

A list of 14 security applications for PC and smartphones.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 30, 2010
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With the constant evolution of security software, it is vital to be up-to-date to keep your network and PCs protected. Tech Radar offers fourteen suggested applications for PCs and Smartphones that go beyond the usual free virus scanner. Some of these applications include AVG, GoGoStat Parental Guidance, and BitLocker.

"Handy Safe, like a myriad of iPhone apps, stores passwords and protected info, but offers a few extra features of note. One is that the app itself is encrypted from break-ins, and you can archive the stored data to the cloud. You can store credit cards, PINs, e-mail passwords, serial numbers and more. The app works on Symbian and Android devices – but we expect a Windows Phone version soon."

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