Enterprise Networking Managers Learn to Flatten

Data centre networks urged to cut to two levels.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Dec 2, 2010
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For over a year networking equipment manufacturers have been urging customers to cut their data center tiers down to two levels using new techniques to link the layers. An article on IT World Canada suggests shrinking a three-layer data center network to two is an easy job for a small company, and consultants from Juniper Networks Inc. recently showed a Toronto audience of enterprise networking managers how they did it for a U.S. financial institution.

"'We need to minimize how traffic flows and the amount of [network] devices it has to traverse,' explained John Dathan, Juniper’s enterprise general manager for Canada. Most networks have a core, a distribution layer and an access layer. However, most experts agree the middle layer doesn’t add much value –it just connects devices on either side of it. 'The way networks have evolved today the core layer can serve as the core and the aggregation layer,' says Dathan."

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