Network Monitoring Patent Infringement Leads to Lawsuit

Skype accused by Gradient of infringing.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Dec 28, 2010
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Tech Crunch reports that Gradient has handed Skype a lawsuit for Christmas, only a day after its key consumer service suffered a major outage, affecting tens of millions of users for hours on end. The patent in question is called “METHOD FOR DETECTING, REPORTING AND RESPONDING TO NETWORK NODE-LEVEL EVENTS AND A SYSTEM THEREOF”.

"A system for detecting, reporting and responding to network node-level occurrences on a network-wide level includes one or more first mobile agents, each of the one or more first mobile agents is hosted by one of a plurality of nodes in the network. An event detection system communicates network event information associated with an event detected at one or more of the nodes in the network to the one or more first mobile agents, and a reporting system disseminates from the one or more first mobile agents information describing the detected event to one or more other nodes."

Read the Full Story at Tech Crunch

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