Cavium Networks Offers Network Management Tool

Cavium's TurboDPI optimized for OCTEON II processors.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 11, 2011
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Cavium Networks (CAVM) announced the release of TurboDPI, the industry's first off-the-shelf multi-function security software solution optimized for OCTEON II processors. This solution, reports Market Wire, utilizes Cavium Networks patent pending new Uniscan technology that is incorporated in all multi-core OCTEON II processors to simultaneously block malicious or inappropriate URLs, identify hundreds of widely used protocols and applications, help block thousands of different intrusion attempts and locate over a hundred thousand varieties of virus and malware threats, all with just a single scan of the data stream, enabling the highest performance at up to 40Gbps.

"'The Cavium Solutions and Services team is taking DPI to the next level. As well as providing architectural, development and performance services, we now offer a complete ready to go DPI solution, not just APIs and toolkits, that can analyze the data stream to help identify protocols and applications, inappropriate URLs, intrusion attempts or malware, all in a single pass thru the data,' said Safa Alkateb, general manager, Cavium Solutions and Services, 'TurboDPI utilizes our advanced deep packet inspection acceleration hardware that is built into every one of our OCTEON II processors to enable our customers to quickly and seamlessly add DPI to their equipment for the first time or turbocharge their existing DPI designs.'"

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