Network Security Appliance Aimed at Smaller Companies

Blue Coat launches ProxyOne at firms of between 100 and 2000 users.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 13, 2011
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Designed for firms of between 100 and 2000 users, Blue Coat's web security appliance ProxyOne fills a new area of the market that is now looking for a simple appliance to meet its needs. With 70 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses using social media tools, Blue Coat says that traditional network security solutions adopted by these businesses, such as firewalls and desktop anti-virus software, cannot keep pace with these increasingly sophisticated web-based threats. Info Security reports that real-time defenses and high levels of security without compromising performance are features of ProxyOne.

"Hawthorn said that reseller margins on ProxyOne would match those of its enterprise offering, Proxy SG, allowing dealers to supply and fully support the product in the marketplace. To assist resellers in this regard, Blue Coat is offering a 30-day try-and-buy programme for clients, allowing it to compete with its rivals in this space, who include Bloxx, IronPort and Websense, Infosecurity notes."

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