Flat Layer 2 Network Key to Future

New unified fabric data center relies on flat network.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 27, 2011
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Going flat is the key to the future, reports Network World, and server virtualization is the big reason to. If everything in the data center - servers, appliances and storage - were part of one big flat layer 2 structure, it would create a new unified fabric data center. Being a plug and play, requiring no reconfiguration or change in IP addresses when resources move, a layer 2 network makes implementing server virtualization easier with less chance for configuration errors, and moves the data center closer to becoming a cloud.

"The only way this can work is that the new flat can't be like the old flat. What needs to change is the old Spanning Tree algorithm because it created scaling problems. Spanning Tree is inefficient because it doesn't use all the available paths between switches and the routes are not always the shortest or fastest."

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