FCoE Reduces Network Complexity

Converged networking increases business agility.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 7, 2011
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As stated in this article on Processor, converged networking enables network consolidation and network bandwidth provisioning for applications on demand, increasing business agility. FCoE, a storage networking protocol that supports Fibre Channel natively over Ethernet, reduces network complexity in the data center by encapsulating Fibre Channel frames into Ethernet frames, allowing them to run alongside traditional IP traffic.

"Deirdre Wassell, director of solutions marketing at EMC says that with FCoE, servers can deploy CNAs (converged network adapters) and utilize an Ethernet cable. ‘Costs savings, therefore, come in the form of server adapters, cables, and power and cooling,’ Wassell says. ‘FCoE is also gaining attention because storage vendors now have native support for FCoE. Also, virtualized server environments can take advantage of the increased bandwidth FCoE provides.’”

Read the Full Story at Processor

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