Command Information Offers Next Gen Internet Security Crash Course

Training prepares organizations for IPv6 attacks.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 14, 2011
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According to Bradenton, government and commercial IT architects, engineers and administrators will be prepared to meet the unique security challenges of IPv6 through comprehensive, hands-on courses. Cyber security provider Command Information has released a new line of defense against security challenges through these “boot camp” courses.

"’We all read the news that ICAN gave out the last available blocks of IPv4 addresses last week. Now we need to make sure that security keeps pace with IPv6 adoption. To do this, we are launching IPv6 Security Boot Camps to ensure that organizations have the cutting-edge knowledge and tools they need to protect their networks,’ said Command Information EVP for Cyber Security Lisa Donnan.”

Read the Full Story at Bradenton

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