IBM Introduces Fastest Network Security Appliance

IBM Network IPS GX7800 released.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 16, 2011
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The introduction of the IBM Network Intrusion Protection System (IPS) GX7800 by IBM is in response to clients needing to proactively identify and prevent potential threats to their organization. PR Newswire says the system is the industry's fastest and most comprehensive network security appliance and helps organizations protect their data and infrastructure from unauthorized access and attacks, without compromising on the performance and availability of business-critical applications.

"’As threats continue to grow -- both in and outside of an organizations four walls -- businesses must take the right steps to protect critical assets without disrupting network performance,’ said Steve Robinson, general manager, IBM Security Solutions. ‘With the new appliance, IBM is helping enterprise clients operate their business at full speed, in a secure and efficient environment.’"

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