McAfee Partnership Facilitates Network Monitoring

Insightix/McAfee developing automatic incessant risk monitoring tool.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 18, 2011
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An announcement made by Insightix and presented on TMC Net states the company has developed a newly automated solution in association with McAfee which facilitates incessant risk monitoring on a network. The solution provides users with a complete view of risk intelligence signifying the real time network security position in addition to suggesting the countermeasures to be adopted, by the continuous accumulation of network information. It is created from a combination of Insightix BSA Visibility with the McAfee ePO platform and McAfee Vulnerability Manager.

"In a release, Ofir Arkin, founder and CTO of Insightix, said that, ‘Our joint solution enables our mutual customers to accurately measure risk according to the current state of the network, knowing the actual risk they are exposed to at any time, and enables faster corrective actions. Security and compliance status can now be effectively controlled, and workflows can be defined in response to changes on the network.’”

Read the Full Story at TMC Net

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