Migrate to IPv6 in Stages To Keep It Manageable

Long-term network evolution requires careful planning.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 3, 2011
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Although less than one percent of users currently access the internet with IPv6 connections, companies have been told worldwide to prepare for the new internet addressing system, IPv6. IPv6 addresses have already started being issued, but it will take a while before the number of IPv6 addresses issued generates a 'tipping point' that could seriously impact business. AME Info offers tips on preparing for IPv6 and suggests the best approach is one of migration over time versus any 'rip and replace proposition'.

"By planning the migration in a series of stages - utilising solutions in a smart way that can help you through the process, and seeing it as part of your long-term network evolution - moving from IPv4 to IPv6 as standard does not have to be painful for you, or your external and internal customers.”

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