EdgeWave Enhances iPrism Security with Botnet Blocklist

EdgeWave has embedded the ThreatSTOP Botnet Blocklist into its iPrism product.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 14, 2011
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ThreatSTOP has announced that EdgeWave has embedded the ThreatSTOP Botnet Blocklist into EdgeWave’s iPrism product. As noted on Digital Journal, this integration enables iPrism to block outbound "call homes" to external command and control hosts to minimize the risk of data theft and other criminal activities associated with botnets.

"To activate the botnet blocking feature, iPrism customers simply click the "ThreatSTOP" check box which eliminates the need to manually tweak reputation score thresholds or signature/pattern rules. These changes are automatically effected by ThreatSTOP’s correlation engine, and the updated blocklist list is distributed to iPrism customers."

Read the Full Story at Digital Journal

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