Anagran FR-1000 Reduces Network Capacity Cost

Internet Traffic Manager supports IPv6.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 16, 2011
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Anagran, Inc. announced immediate availability of IPv6 support on its FR-1000 Internet traffic manager. According to Sys Con, Anagran’s FR-1000 is designed to significantly improve operators’ network utilization, deliver tiered subscriber solutions and improve the user's quality of experience. This advanced ITM allows service providers of all types to reduce the cost of network capacity and increase usable bandwidth.

"’IP flow-based traffic management is quickly becoming the preferred method of minimizing network congestion, improving users' Internet quality of experience (QoE), and ensuring fair and equitable usage,’ said Tim Waters, Vice President of Marketing for Anagran, Inc. ‘With the near exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and the migration to IPv6-enabled networks, it was critically important to ensure transparent support of either protocol on our industry leading FR-1000 Internet traffic manager, enabling our customers to continue to leverage the full benefits of IP flow-based traffic management for any connected device.’”

Read the Full Story at Sys Con

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