Tier-1 Service Providers Use Mu Dynamics

Real time network testing available on Mu TestCloud.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 13, 2011
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In a press release presented on the company website, Mu Dynamics, Inc. announced the only testing solution on the market capable of immediately and accurately recreating applications to determine how they affect networks. The company claims Tier-1 service providers and leading network equipment manufacturers like Juniper Networks are using Mu’s unique solution to quickly test new application policies that govern security, scalability and functionality.

"’With the continued growth in the number of new applications, and the constant shift in the production mix based on popularity, today’s networks are becoming more intelligent and capable of distinguishing applications,’ said Dave Kresse, CEO, Mu Dynamics. ‘Service providers are using this visibility to implement finer-grained policies around security and quality of service than were previously possible. Mu gives customers a quick and simple way to test their network policies by recreating in real time their ever-changing application mix. The results for our customers have been consistent - dramatically accelerated testing cycles, increased testing accuracy and the ability to test any application at any time.’"

Read the Full Story at Mu Dynamics

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