DSCI Enhances Security for MPLS VPN Service

The managed VPN service now includes an encryption option.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 5, 2011
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DSCI Corporation has announced an additional security option for the MPLS VPN service. As noted in this Red Orbit report, the managed VPN service provides secure site-to-site connectivity over a private IP network and allows convergence of data, Internet access, voice and video, now includes an encryption option.

"Security of traffic over the MPLS network is assured in a number of ways. First, data travels across a private IP network, segregated from the public Internet. Customers can also select to deploy a Secured Internet Gateway so that all MPLS VPN sites gain access to the Internet through a single, centralized firewall. Even mobile workers or remote sites can connect securely back to the corporate network over VPN through the MPLS Secured Internet Gateway. And now, if regulatory compliance or industry standards require additional security, customers can opt to include Secure MPLS Group Encrypted Transport. This option ensures encryption of selected data as it crosses the network."

Read the Full Story at Red Orbit

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