Network Hardware Resale Rivals Cisco Warranty Services

New managed services program hopes to take a big bite out of Cisco' SmartNet warranty services market share.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 17, 2011
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Network Hardware Resale has a new managed services program that it hopes can help the company take a big bite out of Cisco Systems (NSDQ:CSCO)' SmartNet warranty services market share. As reported on CRN, the company's new NetSure network management, proactive provisioning and network assurance offerings are available for any end-user device supported through Network Hardware Resale's extended warranty offerings.

"The NetSure services include Network Management (performance monitoring, incident & event management and security management), Proactive Provisioning, Consulting Services and Network Assurance. They're delivered through data centers in California, Singapore and The Netherlands, Sheldon said, and built on a hybrid platform of Solarwinds and Network Hardware Resale's internally-built solution, Sheldon said."

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