iPad: A Handy Network Management Tool

iPad can be a portable tool for system admins.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jun 2, 2011
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In an article on IT World, author Brian Proffitt explores the use of iPads as a handy, portable network management tool for system admins. Although there aren't many dedicated monitoring apps available for the iPad, iStat is one such app that, though configured for the iPhone, provides a neat little snapshot of any remote Linux, Unix, or OS X device that iStat can see. In Shell mode, however, the iSSH app can plug straight into a server from the command line using SSH, Telnet, or Raw protocols.

"There are a couple of ways to go about systems administration with an iPad. If you have any sort of Web interface to your network administration or monitoring tools, such as Webmin or Zenoss, you can easily point the Safari browser to the URL to access those tools. You can even set up an icon shortcut to get you straight to the administrative site in question. It's no dedicated app (as Zenoss joked last year), but it will do in a pinch.”

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