UC the Easy Way: Go hosted.

This article breaks down the options, advantages, and costs of hosted unified communications services.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"The emergence of UC (unified communications) in business has caused a stir for companies at all levels, both large and small. Like customer relationship management of a decade ago, UC seeks to streamline business communications, including videoconferencing, phone calls, instant messaging, and even Web conferencing and quick video chats," writes Processor.com's John Brandon

"The 'unification' comes into play when data center managers attempt to consolidate the back-end requirements for each disparate communication method. Fortunately, hosted unified communications does most of the legwork. The major challenge: deciding which hosted platform will work best for your organization," Brandon writes.

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Hosted Unified Communications For The Masses

This article was originally published on Sep 10, 2010
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